Goals and Initiatives

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Educational Goals

The IME Grant Office will consider proposals that aim to address educational goals in the following categories: 

- Cataract Surgery (Fundamentals/Basics, IOLs, Workflow, Visualization, and FLACS)


- Keratorefractive Surgery (Treatment Options, Technology)


- Vitreoretinal Surgery (Technology, Techniques, DAVS)


- Glaucoma (Disease State, Treatment with Prescription Drugs,  Technology, Visualization)


- Contact Lens & Lens Care (Contact Lens Platforms, Lens Care Solutions)


- Ocular Allergy (OTC Treatments for Ocular Itch Associated with Seasonal and Perennial Allergic Conjunctivitis)


- Ocular Surface Health (Diagnosis and Management, Management with Artificial Tears, Understanding and Managing Inflammatory Dry Eye, Understanding Neuromodulation in Dry Eye)

Educational Initiatives
IME Grant Office will consider grant proposals that support certified and non-certified medical education for eye care professionals. Priority will be given to educational initiatives that are:

- Aligned with the current medical education goals of the IME Grant Office

- Certified by an accredited medical education provider

- Multi-supported (supported by multiple organizations)

- Robust agenda with a hands-on educational learning opportunity (wet/dry lab)

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